Perhaps we should think “why wouldn’t you study sociology?”.

  • Sociology is about real life in the UK and the experiences people have depending on their social group (gender, ethnicity, social class)

  • It’s about society rather than individuals and how it can work for and against those individuals

  • It’s about how some people get a better crack at life than others and why. E.g. Why do women still find it more difficult than men to reach the top levels at work?

  • It’s about the issues that can/do affect you – family, education, crime E.g. Do husbands and wives share domestic work, when the wife, herself works? Why do some children enter education with a better chance of being successful from day one? Who commits crime and why?

  • It will make you see some aspects of society in their real light and how it can be more democratic for some than others.

  • If these issues interest you, that’s why you should study sociology.

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