PSHE in the Sixth Form

PSHE Education Aims

• To develop students confidence and responsibility and to make the most of their abilities;

• To develop a healthy, safer lifestyle; and

• To develop good relationships and respecting differences between people.

What does it mean for students in the Sixth Form at Belper School?

PSHE Education and Citizenship are integrated into all aspects of life at Belper School & Sixth Form; classroom teaching, tutor groups, socials times, and enrichment opportunities. The development of the whole person is central to Belper School & Sixth Formers education.

The Sixth Form Team meet individually or collectively with the schools Careers Advisor throughout the year to discuss the continuous development of PSHE education and Citizenship within the school and to organise the programme of talks, lectures and workshops.

PSHE Delivery Post 16

· Tutor groups receive one period a week dedicated to the delivery of PSHE for both Years 12 & 13. The aim of PSHE education in the Tutor Group is to allow development of these and other ideas in discussion groups led by the form tutor. The form tutor is not expected to be an expert in these fields but, as an informed adult, should be able to prompt lively and productive discussion. Students should start to appreciate some of the decisions that could face them now and in later life. A structure of sessions is available at the start of the year as detailed below, however, the timing and delivery method of these is not fixed in order to allow flexibility with specific interests and/or needs of groups and individuals.

· Assemblies are held once per fortnight and delivered by the Head of Sixth Form, a senior member of staff or an outside speaker. Throughout the year there are a number of set themes that are linked to Moral, Spiritual or Cultural themes.

· Outside speakers provide a wealth of specialist expertise and support covering a wide range of topics. Guests to the Sixth Form include:

The Derbyshire Sexual Health Partnership Team, the Teenage Cancer Trust, The Co-Operative Bank, Student Finance England, The Anthony Nolan Foundation, The Blood Donation Service, The Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Team, The University of Nottingham, Derby University and Oxford University. Employers from local industry including Rolls Royce and Boots.

In addition we also have outside theatre groups covering Road Safety Awareness and alcohol misuse.

· Access to specialist support. The students have access to our in house CEG team that offer IAG either to tutor groups, focus groups or individuals. The focus is to cover the key aspects of WRL and advice and guidance on the appropriate routes either during their time in the Sixth Form or for plans Post sixth Form including employment, Higher and National Apprenticeships and Further & Higher Education.

· Students can access the School’s nurse once a week

· Students can also receive additional guidance with regards sexual health as part of the Derbyshire ‘C’ Card scheme

· The school has a number of online resources for Post 16 students including Higher Ideas, KUDOS in addition the school has a well established intranet that can signpost students to relevant links to outside agency websites.

Below is a general general overview of topics covered over the two years , however, it can be reactive to need and specific focus of the individual tutor / year group.

External Visitors booked in for this year are include

Anthony Nolan

Teenage Cancer Trust

Restart a Heart Day

Derbyshire Sexual Health Team

Nottingham University (Parents Intro to UCAS)

DEBP – Careers Guidance (on going)

Derbyshire Road Safety Team ( Drive Alive)

NCS – June and September

Oxbridge – candidate support

Visit from Local MP.

In addition a variety of themes will be covered within Assembly slots on a fortnightly basis.

Health & WellBeing

Dealing with Depression

Stress, Athletes and PErformance

Dealing with anxiety

Paranoia, Fear and Anxiety

Sleep Hygiene + Mental Health

Promoting Emotional Wellbeing

Immunisation and Vaccination

Tooth Decay and Dental Health

Eating Habits

Eating Disorders

Stress how to manage it L2

Healthy Eating and cholesterol

Drugs and their Classifications

Drugs and Their Effects

Drugs Through Videos

LSD, MDMA Ecstasy, SPICED - Alcohol and Society

Substance Misuse

Drugs and the War on Drugs

Relationships & Sex Education

LGBT (Equality in the UK)

Toxic Masculinity

Resilience and Growing Up

Fertility - what impacts it

Alcohol, Parties and Bad Choices

Importance of Sexual Health

Revisiting Contraception

Pornography and its impact on Society

Respect Love and Relationships


Living in the Wider World

Writing a Personal Statement

CV Writing

FC - Post 16 Options

Planning For the future

Personal Branding

Making Applications

Interview Preparation

Trade Union Lesson

UK Tax System Explained

Mobile Banking, Building Societies and Money

P45 + P60 Types of Employment

Different Types of Debt

Multiple Income Sources + State Benefit System

Understanding Insurance

Inflation, Money and Careers

Value for Money & Making More

Going Abroad & Understanding Foreign Currency

Managing a Household Budget

Payment Methods Used in the UK

Borrowing Money and the Risks (Debt)

Foreign Exchange Rates