About Our Sixth Form

Belper School is an 11 – 18 comprehensive school for all children within the Belper area and beyond. We are a Foundation School, which means that the governing body owns the school site and buildings and employs its staff. 

The school was opened in 1973 and is set within its own grounds and extensive playing fields on the edge of the rural town of Belper. We currently have around 1350 students on roll, including a Sixth Form of around 200. 

It is our aim to encourage all our students to acquire ideas, skill and attitudes which will prepare them to become confident and independent and to lead satisfying adult lives. We want our students to develop personal standards and moral values, through a sense of responsibility, and a respect for and tolerance of others. We aim to develop an appreciation of other cultures and a concern for the local and world environment.

The Sixth Form is open to anyone who sincerely wants to learn and there are courses suited to the needs of most students. Belper School offers you an environment you know well, a familiar personal tutor who will guide you, and teachers who are keen to help you further your education. 

Being a Sixth Form student is very different from what you have been used to and has many challenges: you will be given new freedoms which you will have to learn to use well, and new responsibilities as the senior students in the school. We are sure that if you choose to continue your education with us, you will find your studies both stimulating and enjoyable. 

We are very proud of the examination successes of our Sixth Form students in recent years. Many have achieved exceptional results and have secured excellent prospects for themselves. We look forward to welcoming you into the Sixth Form and working with you to achieve an equally bright future.

Nick Goforth 

Head of Belper School and Sixth Form Centre