Sixth Form Council

We aim to make the sixth form an enjoyable experience for all of us.

If you have any queries, suggestions or worries please feel free to approach any member of the council.

Your individual input is highly valued.  The sixth form calendar is regularly updated with any information and dates relating to the council.

We will keep you posted.
Your Sixth Form Council representatives for 2015/16 are:

 12 CAM Bevan Cope 
 12 PRW Kitty Nichols (Vice Chair)
 12 PAJ Sophie Hext 
 12 LET Ella Geldard 
 12 SLP Hannah Trinder 
 12 BRS Cy Toplis 
 12 RIM April Jordan 
 12 GED Charlie Martin 
 12 MAW Abigail Robinson/ Sharna Walker 
 13 SVS Chloe Massey (Chair)
 13 SMR Rebecca Dale
 13 JJJ Harry Baker / Isaac Hewitt-Richards
 13 ACP Jenny Berthelemy
 13 AJH Harvey Peake
 13 STM Brittanie Isherwood
 13 MJM Scott Milestone
 13 EMB Fran Hagen
 13 CMP Eva Smith

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